Theories & Thoughts Brand

Theories and Thoughts is an extension of SwagHer Magazine and Media. The hostesses are Editor in Chief, Francheska “Fancy” Felder of SwagHer Magazine and Media and Arnya T.M. Davis CEO of LadiCEO, LLC.

Theories and Thoughts explores the magic that happens when two aspiring Black women come together and share on life, business, love, news, and all the taboo subjects in between.

Theories and Thoughts was created to bring everyday “girl talk” to the mainstream. Arnya and Fancy, mutually respect one another but do not always agree. Their opposing views and open-mindedness makes for an interesting dynamic but also shows that two individuals do not always have to agree to be friends. 

Theories & Thoughts Podcast airs EVERY Tuesday at 7 pm cst on Swagher’s FB Live and YouTube. Please catch the replays everywhere you hear your podcast.

Theories & Thoughts Deep Dive Talk Show Season One is on the Exposure TV Network and The WYSP Channel. The Exposure App can be found in any app store.

The hostesses are available for booking. TAT has commercial and sponsorship packages available. If you are interested please email Follow us on Instagram by clicking here.