A Ladi Speaks

Living this life has taught me so many lessons that I have capitalized on and somethings I lost the moment. I am now ready to give and teach others the knowledge that I have gained along the way.

Now available to speak on topics:

  • Confidence
  • Singleness
  • The Brand You
  • Do it scared
  • Christianity

Confidence: The most confident person is not confident 100% of the time. When we go back to square 1 on who we are and what we like, we can then be confident. You can not be confident in a counterfeit. When speaking I discuss ways to be more confident and remember who you were when the world didn’t tell you who you should be.

Singleness: Being single is not a burden. It is the time to learn more about yourself. Once you are content in being single, you can be a better partner. To yourself be true. In my talk I discuss my personal journey being single and how I have learned to be content and yet hopeful that one day I will be married. We take a look at things that may cause us ALL to still be single.

The Brand You: You are your own brand. Come on a journey to create what the world see you as. Learn how to brand yourself. Whether you are a Brand yourself or just want to to change the way you are presenting yourself to the world. During this talk we create a foundation that you can grow your Brand.

Do it scared: Daily we face things that may scare us. We consistently hide from things that we should walk through. When speaking on doing it scared we discuss ways to walk through the things that scare us. This is a workshop where we work together gather what works for us in our environment.

Christianity: Being a Christian is very important to me and my life. I speak on different topics that can be found in the bible.