Pick Your Persona by LadiCEO

Pick your persona by LadiCEO is a Creative Director Brand. We also host Persona Group shoots twice a year in different cities.

Being a Creative Director of a photoshoot is directing and creating a visual concept. This consist of but is not limited to:

  • Concept creation
  • Recruit team of professionals (Hair, makeup, photographer, stylist (minimal done in house)
  • Directing shoot
  • Create budget
  • Behind the scene assisting

Persona Group shoots were created to bring women together and to cultivate femininity. A picture to emulate is chosen prior to each shoot. Participants sign up to be a part of the shoot. Each participant is styled by a personal stylist and given a look that will concede with the other looks that have been chosen. Each photoshoot is shot professionally. We have shot in Dallas and New Orleans.

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