LadiCEO Consulting and Brand Management

LadiCEO Consulting and Brand Management is a boutique business. Being a “boutique” business, allow more individual attention. Businesses are not created equally or one size fit all.

When starting a new business, entrepreneurs don’t where to start in many instances. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, however there are somethings that should be unique to YOUR business. LadiCEO Consulting helps with creating a brand standard and a face for your brand.

You will meet with a consultant to help create the best plan for your business. You will have to do the work that is discussed to make your business a success. Our fees are set up to help smaller businesses that can not afford larger firms.

Brand Management work a bit different. We only take on 2 management clients at a time to allow personal service. As a Brand Management client, we manage your business brand or individual brand. We find opportunities that align with your brand and work with you to promote and boast who you are.

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