A Confident Ladi

A Confident Ladi Coaching was birthed from several people asking me to mentor them in Confidence. Many people watch the way I move and go about life and want to do just that. The honest truth is, I walk in my truth. I do not take on what the world has told me I should be. I am so much of myself!

Ya’ll gonna get this Black Girl Magic TODAY whether you want it or not

Being confident is being honest with yourself and owning your flaws. Many times we like to celebrate those things that make us great but don’t want to think about those things that we may need to work on or that are not the “social” norm. Being confident is putting everything that you have been told about yourself to the side and walking in your truth. The most confident person is not confident 100% of the time, however they still embodies confident, when they are doing it scared.

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One of my favorite quotes. Nina Simone said it best.