Our Vision Statement

LadiCEO is an inclusive company created to house smaller boutique businesses. These businesses are designed to educate, encourage and empower others to go forward on their journey.

LadiCEO Brand Management and Consulting

LadiCEO Brand Management and Consulting is a Boutique Brand Management and Consulting Firm aimed to work with small business owners who are starting out trying to find a brand standard.

Our Consulting Services work with business owners to create realistic goals and develop plans of execution. We refer clients to professional photographers and graphic artists to work with to create the idea marketing kit. We work on branding and marketing ideas with weekly to bi weekly or monthly coaching.

Our Brand Management Services manage talent clients. We find opportunities for our clients in movies, fashion shows and events. Our idea clients are actors, models, poets, comedians, designers, podcast and radio host. We work on media training, bios, presentation and more.

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A Confident Ladi

Feeling confident at times is the last thing you may think of. Work have your stressed or you may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome. We create customize a 6 week program to help you get back to the person you once was. Many times everyone has told you, who you should be. Living up to their expectations and not setting boundaries may cause you to feel like a failure. With new boundaries and new standards, you will be on the path of feeling more confident before you know it.

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A M Live Production

AM Live Production is a Media Production Company. We specialize in Radio, Talk Show and Podcast production. We fine platforms that fit your needs. We help set up your concept and work one on one with our customers for 4 weeks on their show.

We work with clients as a Creative Director on projects. As well as host group shoots.

We have co produced Theories and Thoughts Podcast and Deep Dive and IAM Wife Conversation Hour.

My Brands